“As the mother of 3 sons who have attended De La Salle Revesby, I can say from experience that the College has provided an excellent education to meet the different needs of my sons. Their academic studies were supported by strong teaching and a wide variety of subjects to choose from, as well as opportunities for challenges in extension classes. The many extra-curricular activities including sports, creative arts and technology based events were able to provide a great balance between academic and personal interests. The school caters very well for boys and their energy levels as well as providing a strong faith example for all of the students. DLS College has continued to develop to meet the challenges of education for boys and I would highly recommend it as a secondary school of excellence.”

Mrs Anne Weeks (Parent)

“As parents of 2 sons who attended DLS Revesby from 2009-2017 we are very happy to highly recommend this school to you for your son.
The guidance, mentoring and leadership the staff at DLS Revesby have helped shape our sons into the outstanding young men they are today.
DLS offers great facilities which are about to be updated, offers fantastic opportunities for the boys to get involved in a whole raft of things and most importantly offers a solid sense of community and family which underpins the reason to send your son to this hidden gem of a Catholic Boys High School.”

Kate & Daniel Lee (Parents)

“Attending DLS was a great experience, we met new friends, learned from teachers who were really into their subject content, got to make cool things in DT and had fun at competing at CBSA sports, attending leadership events and the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Adelaide. Founders Day each year was a highlight of the year. The community and sense of belonging was always welcoming and important to us at DLS and we would do it all again.”

Morgan & Cameron Lee (Ex-Students)

"Enter to learn // Leave to serve" is a prominent memory of De La Salle College Revesby Heights. After graduating, I can reassure that the College not only changed my attitude towards service, but also my perception of a purposeful life. Through interactions shared with empathetic, committed teaching staff, mates who have become life long friends, and the College's wide array of pristine resources, I developed the foundations of a man committed to accomplishment and always respectful of others. Furthermore the College community's continuous support for extra-curricular activities allowed myself to achieve great heights, notably the opportunity to travel overseas to Turkey and Italy, compete at national sporting levels and attend religious celebrations with other Australian colleges. Through this undying support, I believe that any young man that enters De La Salle College Revesby Heights will leave as an individual prepared for the "big wide" world, willing to show devotion and respect in any aspect of life.

Matthew Masetto (Ex-Student)

"When I think about my time at Revesby, I always remember the opportunities it provided me to develop socially, in my faith, in my leadership, and in my pursuit for knowledge. I remember the great sense of community during my time at De La, and how we were always challenged to look beyond our school community of Revesby into both the Lasallian school community and the wider community. The teachers I had at De La Salle Revesby inspired me to become the teacher I am today."

Joshua Dwyer (Ex-Student)

"Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve"... These six words were read every day looking in my college diary; and thinking back to my 6 years at De La I realise the many opportunities that were provided to us to do exactly that. Whether it was helping me on my spiritual journey, developing my social and leadership skills and encouraging me to be the person I am meant to be. Looking back, I wasn't just leaving to serve the school community, but was motivated by my teachers to continue to serve the whole LaSallian and wider community, which I still continue today after having graduated in 2015. Overall Revesby was a positive learning curve in my personal development, where I made many fun memories and great friends who I will keep forever.
St. John Baptist De la Salle... Pray for me
Live Jesus in my Heart... Forever!

Matthew Dwyer (Ex-Student)

"My time as a student at De La Salle College Revesby Heights was an overwhelmingly positive and enriching experience through the many opportunities offered by the school. These included liturgical opportunities such as participating in Parish Masses and helping to plan school Masses, sporting opportunities in being able to represent the school in my chosen areas such as athletics, and extracurricular activities such as Mock Trial which greatly engaged my interests and complemented my academic studies. The academic side of the school was also a very positive experience as the teachers and my friends and classmates greatly helped me to fulfil my academic potential and to receive the best results I could."

James Bottrill (Ex-Student)