The DLS Revesby Heights Community is made up of students, staff, parents, ex-students, our local parishes, Lasallian Brothers and our Feeder Schools. We also have close links withmany local community and sporting organisations. As part of a global community of Lasallian schools, De La Salle College is connected across the globe with a particularly strong partnership with our 'twin' school in Kushpur, Pakistan. 

Our partnership with parents is central to the success of our students with our parents involved in many aspects of College life and are often seen supporting our students at major sporting events, debating and other school based competitions. 

Many of our ex-students regularly visit and attend major College functions to re-connect with the great spirit of community that exists at DLS Revesby Heights.

Our Motto "Excellence, Service, Community" challenges all at the College to serve others and continue to build on the wonderful community spirit we enjoy.